U6-U19 Spring Recreational Soccer Registration Open (Season in April/May)

U6 Spring Recreational Soccer Registration OpenSeason Runs April-May | Ages 4-18

Registration is officially open for Spring Recreational Soccer season which runs from April-May in Belleair, Largo, Palm Harbor and Seminole locations. Register early for a $10 discount early bird registration fee, sibling discounts are $5 off. There are no volunteer fees for Spring soccer.

Registration Fees:
U6 – $95
U8-U15 – $125
U16-U19 – $85

Please let me know if you would like to coach or if you would like to be a sponsor at johnvorr45@gmail.com.

Belleair Campus:
Player: https://system.gotsport.com/programs/9243S5567?reg_role=player
Coach: https://system.gotsport.com/programs/9243S5567?reg_role=coach

Largo Campus:
Player: https://system.gotsport.com/programs/44H250913?reg_role=player
Coach: https://system.gotsport.com/programs/44H250913?reg_role=coach

Palm Harbor Campus:
Player: https://system.gotsport.com/programs/202017T90?reg_role=player
Coach: https://system.gotsport.com/programs/202017T90?reg_role=coach

Seminole Campus:
Player: https://system.gotsport.com/programs/2737V3074?reg_role=player
Coach: https://system.gotsport.com/programs/2737V3074?reg_role=coach

John Orr
Recreational Director