Capelli Team Store Guide

1. How do I purchase my mandatory player or goalkeeper kit from the Florida Celtic Capelli Team Store for the competitive program?

In order to purchase your Player Mandatory Kit please go to the Capelli Team Store and login or create a new account.

  • Login or create a new account here:
  • Navigate to the Player Mandatory Kit page:
  • Choose your player's team and then your individual player from the drop down lists provided.
  • You will see your player's number populate under the items. Please choose all of your sizing for your individual items in the player mandatory kit, and click "Add to Cart".
  • Purchase your items and they will be delivered within 3-4 weeks.

How do I purchase additional individual items from the Player Mandatory Kit without purchasing the whole kit?

In order to purchase individual items you must have already purchased the mandatory kit, and be logged in to the Capelli Team Store with the Team Store account used to purchase the uniform.


If you have properly logged into your account that you used to purchase your uniform, you should see the following button appear:


Go ahead and press that button and you should be able to add individual items to your cart without purchasing the whole kit again.

Any questions or problems? Please contact us at